Neobon is a digital receipt system powered by NFC. It won multiple awards i.a. Sustainability & Audience Award of the SPARK Accelerator by Foundersclub of University Freiburg and the overall award for the best university startup in Baden-Württemberg at the Start-up BW Academic Seed Accelerator Program.

Client: Neobon
Services: Webdesign, Marketing, Managing Director
Accelerator: SPARK, ASAP-BW

What is Neobon?

As the discussion about the Kassensicherheitsverordnung in Germany began, we thought about a solution for that problem. Very early we realized that all of the solutions we came up with required some kind of internet connection. As the early three team members live or lived in villages, we knew how the actual reality in Germany looks like: Not very connected. So we figured out what conditions a perfect system should include in our eyes. The NeoPrinter was born.

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