TISAX® for the creative industry

combining two worlds: IT security and the creative space

TISAX® is the top standard for information security in the automotive industry. It is about protecting data, its integrity and availability. It secures the processing of information from automotive partners, the protection of prototypes and data protection between car manufacturers and their service providers. The creative industry is obliged to comply with the TISAX® regulations for the production of confidential photoshoots and commercials in the automotive sector. Creative and film productions can only provide services on such projects with the proof of a successful TISAX® certification.


Planning the TISAX® implementation
GAP analysis
Joint completion of the VDA ISA Catalogue 5.0
Development of an ISMS system
Advices on IT and cybersecurity implementations


Cooperation with TISAX® lead auditor
Collective realisation of the final TISAX® audit
Guidance through the audit process

IT Security administration (TISAX®)

Central IT security contact persons in the company
Advice to the management
Establishment, implementation and further development of ISMS systems
Regular report on the current status
Coordination of team training measures

Production service for TISAX® commercials

Consultation for the implementation of confidential creative projects
Designation as Information Security Officer (TISAX) for confidential creative projects
On-site supervision of information security on location